About The Brand

Dana Hurwitz and Mariah Pershadsingh from sustainable jewelry and accessories label BOND Hardware.


BOND Hardware is a sustainable jewelry and accessories label, designed and handmade in New York, and recently named a finalist for the 2019 Elaine Gold Launch Pad award. Founded in 2012, designer + stylist Dana Hurwitz started the brand as an experimental project, locally sourcing scrap metal and found industrial objects to adorn looks for New York club kids.

Later joined by creative partner + photographer Mariah Pershadsingh, the duo continues to develop the brand with a focus on innovation and craftsmanship. Often featuring iconic motifs inspired by the power and edge of New York City subculture, BOND Hardware has collaborated with The Blonds, DKNY, Prabal Gurung, Anonymous Gallery, artist Chloe Wise, among others.

BOND Hardware celebrates self expression, the bold and the eccentric. BOND Hardware designs with functionality in mind, empowering the wearer through aggressive minimalism, with sharp and sculptural silhouettes.

BOND Hardware is committed to producing ethically and sustainably, carefully choosing metals and processes that minimize environmental impact and respect the wearer: stainless steel, platinum/silver, gold that is nickel free and hypoallergenic. Pieces are created for lifelong wear.