BOND Hardware is sharp.


BOND Hardware is a Brooklyn-based unisex jewelry and accessories line that uses sustainably sourced materials and bold design. Clean lines express our take on culture through innovation and attention to nostalgia. BOND Hardware starts with utilitarian objects and refines them. Combining technical metal components with unprecedented design.  BOND Hardware rethinks items of everyday life.


Rooted in its community, BOND Hardware actively partners with fellow creators through collaborations, and expands its creative circle through BOND Studios, a physical space in Brooklyn, New York.

We invite you shop in studio. Email us to experiment and explore.

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Incase you were wondering:

Pieces will maintain their shine and color forever. Every piece of hardware has a lifetime warranty. We use sustainable production methods, stopping the cycle of disposable objects.

Our metals are ethically mined, fair trade, fabricated in New York. They are nickel free, anti-tarnish, non-oxidizing, and partially comprised of recycled materials.


Executed by Dana Hurwitz, Mariah Pershadsingh and the BOND Hardware team in New York.

BOND Studios | 117 woodpoint rd, Brooklyn, NY 11211