Shaping the Future of Jewelry

With conscious effort + deliberate choices, the jewelry industry can reduce its eco-footprint.

The new BOND Hardware Reclaim Program is an extension of our commitment to sustainably made jewelry, by supporting the creation of new products without the environmental costs associated with mining.

As a brand, before we had access to the tools necessary to create ethically produced jewelry, many of our pieces were made out of plated metal. The plating process is inherently harmful to people + the planet due to the harsh chemicals necessary for production. We feel that it is important to take responsibility for the older pieces we made using this inherently toxic process by recycling them properly after their lifecycle has ended.

Since 2017, BOND Hardware has committed to using certified recycled metals including 935 Silver and 10K/18K Gold, as well as sustainably-refined 316L Stainless Steel + 6061 Aluminum. All of our jewelry is made-to-order + crafted locally in New York City to reduce the carbon footprint of the production process. We encourage repairing older pieces to extend their life + recycling unworn jewelry through our Reclaim Program.

Please join us in creating a more sustainable future.