The new Buzzsaw Prototype Collection, the first of the BOND Hardware Prototypes Series, is an example of methods + materials inspiring collections.

BOND Hardware refines + repurposes existing objects.  Dana, BOND’s designer + creative director, draws inspiration utilitarian items in the world.

Starting with a found object, Dana explores what could be done to refine it, to elevate it, to make it wearable.

She details the initial design process here:

Found objects become feasible concepts once they are sketched out in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) program SolidWorks. Sketching begins by picking a viewpoint to start from, usually a front facing or top-down view.

The concept is sketched as contour drawing. This creates the general shape + silhouette of the concept. Volume + depth is then added to the sketch by extruding, or pulling, it in various directions…

Extrusion transforms the 2D sketch into a three-dimensional object that we can rotate + engage with, continuously editing + viewing from different angles to ensure the integrity of the original concept stays intact.

Next, in the detailing phase, wearability + design choices are considered. For example, if a ring has a sharp corner that touches the skin, a curved edge (aka “a fillet”), makes it more comfortable. On the same piece, a bevel might be added to the outer edges for design and aesthetic purposes. Simply put: fillets provide comfort while bevels enhance form + design.

The BOND Hardware logo is added as a last step within the CAD process. A logo is created as a 2D vector which is then transferred to SolidWorks, where placement is determined + space is left for BOND Hardware logo indentation.

After the 3D CAD is finalized, we are ready for 3D Printing.

Remembering Interview Magazine… RIP. 

Of our collaborations with Interview, the editorial shot by Patrick Demarchelier with Edie Campbell wearing the BOND Hardware “Body Mod” Collection in 2015 is our favorite memory.

Photography: Patrick Demarchelier
Styling: Karl Templer
Model: Edie Campbell
Makeup: Diane Kendal
Hair: Anthony Turner

Edie Campbell photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Interview Magazine

For Mother’s Day 05.13.18, Paper Magazine covered a story we shot, highlighting Alexis Jae and her mother Jennice. Both women are native New Yorkers and artists — Alexis is an up and coming singer / model, Jennice is a fashion designer. They’re bold + fearless in their presentation. It was an honor to shoot them in BOND for this feature.

BOND creates original content. Beginning in September 2017, the inception of BOND Studios has allowed us to bring all visual production in house. Collaborative projects like this one are an opportunity to work with friends and local artists / designers we admire. Dana pulled certain key pieces from LUAR and The Baroness, the legendary NYC domme designer “of elegant, provocative latex fashions.” Make-up artist Natalia López de Quintana used exclusively Pat McGrath products on Alexis — current face for Pat’s brand — and Jennice.  Dana + Mariah were executive producers on the project, with Dana’s direction + styling, and Mariah’s photography + choreography.

The Paper Magazine piece also highlighted our commitment to using ethically sourced materials and sustainable business practices. By designing and crafting our jewelry locally in New York City we are able to offer the best available nickel-free metal options, better for the environment and for the wearer. 

Read the Paper Magazine article learn more about Alexis + Jennice, and visit BOND Studios to shop the collection.

+ thank you Alexis + Jennice, Justin Moran, Jasmine Ting, and Gia Kuan.

alexis jae in bond hardware for paper magazine

On 04.19.18, CR Fashion Book named BOND Hardware one of the “Chicest Sustainable Fashion & Beauty Brands.” Developing more sustainable business practices has been a major focus for BOND.  We’re grateful to be acknowledged by Carine Roitfeld’s publication for this purpose.

BOND Hardware jewelry is ethically mined, sustainably produced, + safe for all skin types. By using metals that are free of nickel, copper and brass, our pieces will not turn your skin green with oxidation residue, and they will not rust or tarnish. Pieces are designed and crafted locally in NYC in superior quality metals that are never plated, to best protect the wearer, manufacturer, and environment. Our metal pieces are offered at both fine jewelry price points in gold or silver, as well as accessible options in stainless steel and aluminum. All jewelry is safe to wear all day + every day, and will last forever. 

View Methods + Materials to learn about our commitment to a more sustainable future. 

Thank you, CR.

CR Fashion Book Names BOND Hardware Among the Chicest Sustainable Fashion & Beauty Brands