Trade in older BOND Hardware jewelry for credit toward new, sustainably made + 100% skin-safe fine jewelry pieces.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our Methods + Materials, to offer safer and more responsible options in solid metals that are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and safe to wear 24/7.

The new BOND Hardware: Reclaim program is an extension of our commitment to sustainably made jewelry. It supports the creation of new products without the cost of mining new metals, and is kinder to the environment.

 How it Works:

  • Send back any piece of BOND Hardware fashion jewelry via FedEx shipping, or drop off at BOND Studios. International customers will receive personal assistance locating a nearby and accessible metal recycling facility. 
  • Each item sent back via Reclaim earns a $25 credit toward a new piece of BOND Hardware jewelry, plus free shipping on your order. 
  • Reclaimed BOND Hardware jewelry moves into the next phase of its life cycle. Fashion jewelry pieces made with brass, nickel, and/or zinc content will be recycled at one of our partner-facilities, then sent to a refinery for reuse.

Email info@bond-hardware.com to participate in BOND Hardware: Reclaim.