Materials + Methods

Aluminum + Surgical Stainless Steel Jewelry
  • BOND Hardware uses Medical Grade Metals, safe for people with allergies + sensitivities to base metals like nickel, copper, and brass.
  • BOND Hardware does not use nickel, copper, or brass — unlike most costume jewelry.
  • This means BOND Hardware pieces do not turn your skin green with oxidation residue.
  • BOND Hardware pieces are also rust + tarnish free.
  • BOND Hardware does not use plated metals. Pieces maintain their original color forever.
  • Aluminum:
  • BOND Hardware uses super-light Aluminum 6061 which is 1/3rd the weight of Nickel-Free Sterling Silver.
  • Solid Hypoallergenic earring posts are used on Aluminum pieces for all skin piercing elements.
  • BOND Hardware’s Aluminum 6061 is made mostly from recycled material, a better option for the environment + lowers cost.
  • Surgical Stainless Steel:
  • Surgical Stainless Steel earring backs are used to affix Aluminum earrings.
  • Bond Hardware’s Surgical Stainless Steel pieces contain 2-3% molybdenum for corrosion-resistance.
  • Because of that pieces will not fade or chip over time.
Fine jewelry: Nickel-Free Sterling Silver is Firestain Free, Responsible Silver
  • Nickel-Free Sterling Silver:
  • Nickel-Free Sterling Silver is 100% hypoallergenic + safe for your skin, leaving no discoloration (even if you have sensitive skin or can typically only wear gold).
  • Nickel-Free Sterling Silver does not firestain, eliminating the toxic chemical firestain removal process from our production process. This makes Nickel-Free Sterling Silver safer than traditional sterling silver for your body, the environment + the manufacturer. 
  • BOND’s silver pieces are solid silver, and are never plated. 
  • BOND’s silver requires little to no polishing. For more information, read Product Care.
  • Responsible Silver:
  • Responsible silver does not contain toxic chemicals that can be transferred from the metal into your skin.
  • Responsible silver means no toxic waste is dumped into the environment.
  • Responsible silver guarantees the traceability of its raw silver.
  • Responsible silver is produced using only recycled silver.
3D Printing
  • Jewelry is designed in Brooklyn, prototypes are printed in Long Island City.
  • Plastics + metals are printed by machine, then polished by hand.
  • 3D Printing allows for more efficient prototyping- less material used, less waste created.
  • A more environmentally friendly process than other prototyping techniques.
5 Axis CNC Water Jet Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting does not use extreme heat,saving energy.
  • Eliminating extreme heat also means there is no change to materials’ chemical structure.
  • Water Jet Cutting produces a smoother, more sophisticated finish to freshly cut metals.
  • Water Jet Cutting saves on raw materials, lowering production costs.
  • Because Water Jet Cutting is free of extreme heat and hazardous gases, it is an environmentally friendly process.
Manual Finishing Techniques
  • BOND Hardware only uses stones that are hand-cut, in your choice of man-made or ethically sourced options.
  • All stones + diamonds are hand-set into metals.
  • All pieces are polished + finished by hand.
  • All earring posts are soldered by hand.
  • All labor + finishing is done by hand in New York City.
Cast + Mold
  • BOND Hardware uses traditional handmade silicone mold methods. All molds are made in nyc.
  • BOND Hardware uses the traditional “lost-wax” casting method.
  • Lost-wax casting is the process of casting metal sculptures using a mold made from an original wax model.
  • Pieces are finished by hand.
  • All labor + finishing done by hand in New York City.