Materials + Methods


Aluminum + Surgical Stainless Steel Jewelry

Unlike most costume jewelry, BOND does not use plated metals. Our jewelry is nickel, copper and brass free. This means our pieces do not turn your skin green with oxidation residue, rust or tarnish and maintain their original color forever.


BOND uses super-light weight Aluminum 6061 which is 1/3rd of the weight of Silver. Aluminum 6061 is also made mostly from recycled material, making it a more sustainable and a cost conscious option. Earring posts for all Aluminum earring designs are Hypoallergenic, made with 316L Surgical Steel.

Surgical Stainless Steel:

BOND uses 316L Stainless Steel – surgical grade stainless steel. Surgical Grade Stainless Steel pieces are corrosion-resistant, preventing the pieces from fading, rusting, tarnishing or turning your skin green over time.

Argentium Silver

BOND’s Silver pieces are 100% recycled solid silver, never plated, and require little to no polishing. Naturally tarnish resistant, Argentium Silver is nickel free, more sustainable and more pure than sterling silver.  For more information, read our Product Care section.

Argentium Silver is 100% hypoallergenic + safe for your skin, leaving no discoloration (even if you have sensitive skin or can typically only wear gold). Argentium Silver does not firestain. It eliminates the need for toxic firestain removal process during the production, making it safer than traditional sterling silver for your body, environment and the manufacturer. 

3D Printing

All of our pieces are designed in Brooklyn, prototypes are printed locally. 3D Printing allows for more efficient prototyping- less material used, less waste created. A more environmentally friendly process than other prototyping techniques. Plastics + metals are printed by machine, then polished by hand.

5 Axis CNC Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting produces a smooth and sophisticated finish to freshly cut metals. Water Jet Cutting saves raw materials and does not use extreme heat unlike laser cutting. Avoiding extreme heat means there is no change to materials’ chemical structure and doesn’t create hazardous gases, making it an environmentally friendly process. 

Manual Finishing Techniques

All labor + finishing is done by hand in New York City. Solder, Polish and Stone Setting. BOND only uses stones that are hand-cut, in your choice of man-made or ethically sourced options.

Cast + Mold

All BOND molds are handmade in nyc using traditional silicone mold methods. BOND uses the traditional “lost-wax” casting method. Lost-wax casting is the process of casting metal sculptures using a mold made from an original wax model. Pieces are finished by hand.