Buzzsaw Chandelier



  • 2 water jet cut + beveled buzzsaw rings, made of hand-polished, aerospace-grade aluminum.
  • Suspended by stainless steel cables. 
  • Lit by one row of diffused led lights inside each buzzsaw ring.
  • Bright enough to light a large room, with energy-saving technology.



  • Small ring diameter 20” 
  • Large ring diameter 35” 
  • Rings thickness .75” 
  • Overall height 45” + is customizeable.


– Please note shipping costs may vary depending on your location and the size of the piece due to the delicate nature of this custom artwork.

-For sales and inquiries on all fine art pieces please contact sienna at sienna@twfineart.com

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


The Buzzsaw Chandelier reconciles the juxtaposition between sustainability and opulence. Chandeliers are a symbol of wealth and status, and historically, associated grand displays have created waste. The buzzsaw motif represents our sustainable processes, derived from a tool used to cut things down to create something new with them. We have made smaller-scale buzzsaw pieces, but this larger-scale iteration advocates for using sustainable practices in grand displays, dissolving the tension between these disparate approaches to consumption and production. The continuous shape of the chandelier represents the lifecycle of our materials, while the seemingly weightless effect created by its suspension represents the lighter weight of producing sustainably.

Two water jet cut and beveled buzzsaw rings made of hand-polished, aerospace-grade aluminum, suspended by stainless steel cables. Lit by diffused LEDs inside each of the buzzsaw rings.