Buzzsaw Monolith Mirror – White


  • Monumental carrara marble slab with a waterjet cut buzzsaw relief + mirror inlay.
  • Lean against a sturdy, flat wall.
  • Made to order in nyc.


  • Buzzsaw mirror diameter 34.5”
  • Length 108” 
  • Width 58” 
  • Thickness .75” 


Artwork Inquiry
Please include color / size preference , if applicable.


The Buzzsaw Marble Slab piece expresses BOND’s constant self-reflection about sustainability. Cutting designs out of natural materials creates waste product, exemplified here with a single buzzsaw cut out of a marble slab. Inside the cutout buzzsaw, there is mirror inlay, as we must constantly hold a mirror to ourselves regarding sustainable practices. The use of a slab of marble, an expensive material, is a reminder of the expense of consumption of natural materials and costliness of breaking down waste materials. The marble slab is so heavy that it must be leaned on a wall, representing both the weight of consumption, itself, and the weight of the waste created by that imperfect consumption.

Oversized Carrara marble slab with a waterjet cut buzzsaw relief with mirror inlay.