Buzzsaw Dining Table – Mirror



  • Water jet cut + beveled, aerospace-grade aluminum. 
  • Hand-formed, with hand-polished stainless steel legs, welded into one continuous table base.
  • Starphire glass top. 
  • Position alone, or nest with another buzzsaw table, or buzzsaw end table.
  • Made to order in nyc.


  • Buzzsaw ring diameter 48” 
  • Buzzsaw ring thickness 3/4” 
  • Glass top diameter 48” 
  • Glass top thickness 1/2” 
  • Stainless steel table legs 29” 
  • Overall height 31” 


– Please note shipping costs may vary depending on your location and the size of the piece due to the delicate nature of this custom artwork.

– For sales and inquiries on all fine art pieces please contact sienna at sienna@twfineart.com

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


The Aluminum Buzzsaw Table exhibits BOND’s reflections about living sustainably. We use recycled metals for our fine jewelry to minimize our ecological footprint. This piece resembles an asphalt cutting saw blade, used to cut things down with the idea of building something new, similar to BOND’s sustainability model. These saw blades spin in circles when used, and have a continuous shape, resembling the lifecycle of recycled materials. The use of metal is a reminder that all consumption takes its toll on the Earth; however, this table is partially made from recycled aluminum, and won’t rust or oxidize, giving it a long lifespan. A table is a common domestic furniture item, and in making this piece, we are enabling reflections on sustainability to permeate through our daily lives.

Water jet cut and beveled, aerospace-grade aluminum. Hand-formed and hand-polished stainless steel legs, welded into one continuous table base.