Giant Nail Sculpture


  • Nail made of hand-polished + hand-welded aerospace grade aluminum tubing.
  • Affixed to the inside + outside of a wall, by a custom fabricated mounting plate to create the illusion of a giant, suspended nail.


  • Nail body diameter 10”
  • Nail head diameter 18” 
  • Nail tip tapers to 1”
  • 2 parts, 9’ overall length 


Artwork Inquiry


The Wall Piercing Nail Sculpture utilizes BOND’s space to represent the human desire to connect with others. For this piece, a large nail appears to be piercing through the cement wall, the piercing extending out onto the sidewalk. A nail is a fastener, meant to connect two things together and be visible, and in this highly visible iteration, the nail is a way of connecting outsiders to what is happening inside of our space. The nail is both a physical and a metaphor connector, the nostalgic motif causing people to draw on personal connections to the hardware; thus this piece welcomes viewers to come inside.

Nail made of hand-polished and hand-welded aluminum pipe with a 10-inch diameter body and 18-inch diameter head. Affixed to the inside and outside of the wall to create the illusion of a giant, suspended nail.