Mirrored I-Beam



  • Mirror-polished, stainless steel facade + bolts, on top of a wooden structure.
  • Made to order in nyc.



  • Width 16”
  • Depth 18” 
  • Bolts 3” long
  • Overal height 60” 


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The Stainless Steel I-Beam is an exploration of BOND’s interest in sustainability. I-beams are an efficient form, using the minimum amount of material to provide the maximum amount of support. They are a way to make something visually impactful sustainably, and are thus a symbol of BOND’s model for creation. This piece is made of mirrored stainless steel because we feel that it is a reflection of who we are as producers. Here, an interested in repurposing items is applied to the highly functional I-beam, turning it into a decorative display piece.

Mirror-polished stainless steel facade and bolts on top of a wooden structure.