Pillory End Table – Black



  • Set of 2 tables. 
  • Water jet cut, hand-polished nero marquina tables. 
  • Hand-formed + hand-polished stainless steel legs, welded into continuous table bases. 
  • Position together, or separately. 
  • Made to order in nyc. 



  • Table top length 30” 
  • Table top width 9” 
  • Table top thickness 1/2” 
  • Stainless steel legs 32.5” 
  • Overall height 33” 

(Fit Together)

  • Table top width 18” 
  • Table top wrist openings 2.5” 
  • Table top head opening 5.5” 





The Pillory End Table deals with overcoming social stigma. A pillory was a device used for punishment that kept people secured in one place to ostracize and publicly humiliate them. In using the pillory to make a table, we are reappropriating a symbol of oppression as a symbol of empowerment and ability to transcend stigma. Choosing a pillory as decoration allows someone to set their own limits and be in control of a situation, rather than lacking control, as was fundamental to the original object. The pillory comes in two halves, and in separating the restraints, we are creating a symbol of liberation, while using marble represents the way people must carve out their ways to get to that point.

Water jet cut, hand-polished Nero Marquina marble table. Hand-formed and hand-polished stainless steel legs, welded into one continuous table base.