We love working with The Blonds because their glam looks afford us a litany of opportunities to showcase our archive of pieces. This collection featured BOND Hardware accessories + custom made powder coated jewelry, including the

Hitch Collection
“Pearl Piercing Collection”
“Stripe Collection”
Drill Bit Collection
“Seatbelt Collection”
+ custom leather + hardware collars and belts

worn at The Blonds A/W 2016 runway on 02.17.16.
Inquire about these one of a kind pieces at info@bond-hardware.com.

Presented by: Milk MADE
Photography: Scott Brasher
Models: Monika, Arina, Jisu Hong, Karmay Ngai, Tereza Bouchalova, Jourdana Phillips, Laureen Viala, Ulla Reiss, Lydta, Nika, Lucie, Ida Dyberg, Lyoka Tyagnereva, Jialin Huo, Mick, Wanessa, Veronika Rusakova
Make-up: MAC Cosmetics
Nails: CND Nail Art
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

the blonds bond hardware a/w 2016